What’s in a name? 

Komma is short for ‘KOMmunication & Marketing Advice’.

And that says it all. Or doesn’t it?

It’s also a punctuation mark.

It creates space for the written thought to develop and grow. It creates opportunities and brings prospect and perspective. It enables you to re-think a thought, even on the same line, and give it another twist whenever you want.

It’s a promising crossroads.

A phrase can read straightforward, but the subtle ‘komma’ brings about new opportunities. Without writing a new line, a promising turn a fresh goal can be determined.


It’s a current distributor.

The ‘komma’ facilitates reasoning. It doubles the strength of the preceding letters, and the potential of those to come. It seamlessly links one thing to another and supports the language around it.

It’s even more.

It’s reason for being is not to support letters, words or phrases alone. It exists to support you – the reader – as well. Seeing it is the breath we all need.

What Komma can do for you? 

The velocity of change in technology, media and even consumer behaviour has never been this high. As marketers we need to adapt and evolve. ‘Advertising’ will not get you there anymore. Or not alone that is. As a brand we need to engage instead of interrupt, start conversations and build experience platforms.

A new way of living, and doing that we need to make our own. That being said, they are all but techniques or means to an end.

The essence remains the same. We still need to built brands, attract customers, increase our share-of-wallet and built loyalty. All this with calculated efforts so that they do not exceed our revenues. To do just that, in today’s arena, you’ll need a generalist. A sales, marketing and communication specialists experienced in:



  • Research and analysis
  • Corporate positioning & branding
  • Sales, marketing, and communication planning
  • Acquisition & retention programs, campaigns, actions


  • Creative concepts (brand, product, engagement, activation, …)
  • Campaign development (media, flows)
  • Creative execution (online, offline)
  • Production


  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Clinch-rate analysis and ROI


Your benefits?

  • Specific sales, marketing and communication expertise
  • Flexible, goal-oriented consultant on demand
  • Project based or timesheet based
  • Ready when you are!

Brand references 

IT & Telecom

HP, Microsoft, Telenet, Base, Tele2, Banksys, Easynet, Level3 …

Banking & Insurance

KBC, ING, Bank van De Post, LAR Insurance, DVV, Cofidis, Record Bank


Volvo, Mercedes, Jeep, Nearly New Car, Federal Mogul, Bosch


Pepsi, Lays, Cécémel, Snickers, Carlsberg, Gillette, Barry Callebaut, Tuc, Nivea, Nivea for Men, Breaker, Miracoli, Vache-Bleue,


Makro, The Phone House, Quick, Lunch Garden, Midas, Fnac

Client references

What people say about me



NMBS, B-Cargo, Eurostar, SAS, Randstad, Adecco, Atos Worldline


Reynaers, Bosch, Harol, Siemens, Belgoprocess


Niras, Educam


Merck, MSD, Oystershell, Pierre Fabre, Revogan


De Morgen, Sanoma, Het Nieuwsblad, Kluwer


Walibi, Bellewaerde, Holliday Inn, Russell Athletic

Everything you need to know about Gert Lintermans! 

Gert is a freelance consultant with 14 years experience in sales, marketing and communication strategy, campaign development and management.

He works for advertising agencies as well as sales & marketing departments of large organizations or the CEO of an SME.

He can work for you as a consultant, project manager or interim marketing manager on a broad range of sales, marketing and communication assignments.


Before he became an independent consultant (2007) he serviced numerous blue chip clients at BBDO. An international marketing-communication network (part of Omnicom and listed on NYSE), where he held a management position and was responsible for marketing, business development and innovation.

More about Gert Lintermans

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Komma BVBA

Zilverberklaan 94
2820 Rijmenam

BTW: 0888.195.346

M: 0032 478 32 46 00

E: gert.lintermans@komma-mail.be

When you pick up the phone or send me an e-mail, you’ll jump-start a pertinent conversation. Together we’ll discuss your requirements and decide upon what needs to be done, tangible deliverables and timings. It could be a short conversation, but most likely we will fix a meeting in our calendars to define the entire scope of the project. Later on, along with the Project Description, we sign a contract that includes a specific budget or hourly rate and start off delivering against your requirements.